Plaid Barn Giveaway

Soo I know I’m not much of a blogger buut this is kind of great. A giveaway by the Plaid Barn :  Fujifilm INSTAX MINI 7S Camera and Film Kit!! So you should probably go check that out. & enter. 😀 Do it.


Hello Internet.
Why yes. It is me, Lyndsi. Thank you for at least pretending to be excited to see me here. ;]
Because awkward introductions often creep me out, I’m gonna keep this brief :
Obviously, this is my blog. & your here. On my blog. [bad start, lyns]
…Which is a fresh start toward my attempts to document the places I go, lessons I learn, & the small things in life that make my world a brighter place. 😀
Follow along if you wish > this blog’s journey has just begun.